Wednesday, March 22, 2017

chpt 3 great gatsby

in this  chapter nick is invited to a party, the part i thought was interesting is when Gatsbys assistant guy is thee one who brings Nick his invite to the party as apposed to Gatsby doing it himself. Nick goes to this party and it kind of gives you a look into Gatsbys luxury life. People notice his Rols Royce and swimming pool. We also see that Gatsby has a habit of calling everyone "old sport".   Throughout the party i also noticed that Gatsby sits on his marble steps and watches the party as apposed to being apart of his own party. I thought this was interesting, this made me think that maybe Gatsby has some sort of fascination with impressing people and maybe caring about everyone being happy before he is.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Chpt2 of The Great Gatsby

i'm honestly very confused. i don't quiet understand whats going on. There is a party in Fitzgerald house and he builds up some greatness behind Gatsby. We also meet nick. Im not really sure everyone's roles.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

chpt. 24 and epilogue COLOR OF WATER

Chpt. 24- when i read the title of "New Brown" i was very curious what this was going to mean. when i first read it i thought that it possible meant that african americans were new people, and that the brown color of their skin was transformed.

Chpt. 25- Finding ruthie, james is happy and commited with all of his music and school. I think it was really cool how james and all of his siblings still go back to their mothers house for holidays, i can relate.

Epilouge. james co worker invites james and ruth, to a jewish wedding.

CHapter 21-23 COLOR OF WATER

chpt. 21- In this chapter we see a little glimps into Ruths past life, about when she learned of deaths and when she lost contact with her sister DeeDee. I was confused in this chapter as to why DeeDee left instead of sticking around.

Chpt 22- A JEw DISCOVERED, was the name of this title. When i thought about it for the first time i related back to Anne Frank. But i figured it wassnt much like it, but possibly somewhat related.

Chpt 23- Dennis, in this chapter i found out that Ruth was interested in african american men. Because she went after Dennis as well as Peter. I also saw that her being a white woman with black men hassnt been good for her the whole way through. when ruth and dennis go to Harlem they were also harrased as an interacial couple.

3 takeaways from chapters 21-23 of color of water.

i thought the titles of all 3 of these chapters were very interesting.

I was alittle confused on who DEE DEE was, who is Dee Dee?

I also saw how Ruth had alittle troubles with being jewish

Chapters 18-20 COLOR of WATER

Chpter 18- Lot in Delaware, this chpater is about how james and his family move to deleware because they cannot afford to live in new york anymore. when they move james falls in love with jazz.

Chpt. 19-  Ruth talks about her past romance with denise, with is james father. i thought this was a very interesting part of the story in fact i thought it was kind of a turning point/ realization in the story to james.

Chapt. 20- Thee old man shilsky, i thought this was a very weird chapter beacuse unlike all of the others i wassnt quiet expecting anything to what happend. james broke up with his girlfriend and traveled to the south to see his moms past.

CHapter 15-17 COLOR OF WATER

chpt. 15-  Graduation, ruth leaves because the school she was at was to hard for her, but she returns to complete highschool, and wants to see peter but one day while shes at her family store Ruth over hears someone talking about how peter got a black girl pregnant, and that peter is going to marry the black girl, i think this is a very exciting part of the book, just because there is a little fun drama.

Chpt 16- Driving, James tells Ruth that she should learn to drive someones old car, and when she starts driving it she drives very crazily, and she has a few close calls, after she about kills herself she decides she doesn't wanna drive anymore. In this chapter you see that Ruth's life is going down hill.

Chpt 17- Lost in Delawar, in this chapter we see james and his family move away from new york and move to delewar. When they move to Deleware, james falls in love with jazz and this changes his life.